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READ before you click that "JOIN OUR GROUP" button

:target: Read the whole points of rules or your join application will be declined!

We will know if you did not read the whole points of rules and we will decline your application.

For all our guests, we highly encourage that you read the following passage before you even think about clicking the "join our group" button.
It will save everyone a lot of trouble.

Trust me.


Welcome to :iconoriginality-club:!

This club features collections of our best art and our favorite original characters so they may be seen and loved by everyone and recognized for the spectacular characters they are!

:star:Only 2 submissions / month at maximum please!!

:star:Submission requirements include:

:bulletgreen: Art of Intermediate to Professional level.
:bulletgreen: Finished pieces except Sketches. Our sketch folder contains concept ideas of OCs which not means unfinished works. Concepts can be ideas you may rework later or just character sketches and studies.
:bulletgreen: Good use of Color. (For all colored submissions.)
:bulletgreen: Good use of Anatomy.
:bulletgreen: Good use of Perspective.
:bulletgreen: Pencil art must be of a Refined quality.
:bulletgreen: Fandom ocs: Own characters who belong to the artist but they live in a well known universe what was created by someone else. Forexample: A pokemon trainer who has never showed in the series.
:bulletgreen: Fandom ocs can be with creatures of universe but no main characters of serie. For example: A Pokemon trainer with Pikachu. Acceptable.
:bulletgreen: All submissions must be submitted to the appropriate folders!!If you submitted it to the wrong folder,you have to wait for another week to be able to submit again.
:bulletgreen: It can be a commissioned work of your character, i.e. someone else drew it but it is of your character. The same is true for a commissioner who drew the OC of someone else as long as the following rule is met!
:bulletgreen: All submissions must include 2-3 sentence description about the personality of one or two of the specific characters in the artist's comments (description), or a link to a bio. If you don't want spoiler your character than write basic facts like if it would be a trailer. You can write about feelings of the character or mention the world they live in or some little hint of their skills... etc
The information must be in English.
(Not much! Just some sentences)
For example: Another self has formed in him and the new one can get over mental and physical pains and appears when his mind is unable to confrontate with stress.
I wanted to symbolize it with red eyes and evil grin but truly he has blank eyes when he changes personality. He doesn't show this grin usually but poker-face.
:bulletgreen: Each submission must show a CLEAR and solid picture of the OC in question, any drawing that focuses on anything else, drawing your eye away from the character, will be forced to be declined, or scrutinized carefully.

:star:Submissions may NOT include:

:bulletred: Photomanipulation
:bulletred: Photo. Textures are allowed if it doesn't make disharmony.
:bulletred: Mix photo and art
:bulletred: Images whithout focus on the oc
:bulletred: Bodyparts aboult oc: only a certain body part of the character; we need minimum a head well seen on the image
:bulletred: Cosplay Costumes
:bulletred: Over-Exaggerated Anatomy
:bulletred: Guro (pictures showing gore or exposed internal anatomy)
:bulletred: Pictures of currently copyrighted characters or commercial characters from a current series.
:bulletred: Fandoms. It means well known characters who origially belong to the author who created them but these characters were recreated by fans. Forexample: Naruto, Bleach.
:bulletred: Fandom ocs shouldn't be with fandoms. Fandom ocs can be with creatures of universe but no main characters of serie. For example: Team Rocket and my pokemon trainer with Pikachu. Unacceptable.
:bulletred: If your artwork was declined, please don't send it again and again without correct the missing. It's like a spam and you'll be banned.
:bulletred: We will make a black list of members who has three or more images of theirs storaged. For now these people will get a warning and if their name shows up once again with storaged works they will be kicked from the group.
:bulletred: Any work copied or traced and claimed as original. We find this entirely Unacceptable!

If Your Submission Is Declined:
:bulletblue:Please review the Submission Requirements
:bulletblue:If you have further questions, please send an inquiry to us through your Correspondence Message. That is also one of the main reasons why you must not delete the Correspondence Message.
:bulletblue:All inquiries should include a link to the submission in question so we may review it properly.
:bulletblue:All inquiries will be answered by critique. We will do this as professionally as possible, citing the requirement we feel the piece did not meet.

:star: Please remember that we reserve the right to decline any work that is submitted into our gallery that does not follow the rules, or does not fit the standards that are put in place. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there are so many wonderful and talented artists that we have to pick and choose carefully and sometimes scrutinize every drawing carefully. If you wish for a critique as to why your drawing was not accepted, feel free to ask and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

:star: Please do not delete the Correspondence Message from your messages until the submission has been approved and all questions answered. We use this to ask questions if needed, and it is easier for you to ask questions of us!! If you would like to join our group, you just write in your application our quote "we are original" and it will be accepted and you will be member of our group! This provides us that you did read our rules and you are aware of them. In other cases the application will be declined.

:star: Removal of a previously accepted piece for resubmission later with result in the artist being banned from Originality-Club! We will not accept the same piece twice!

:star: Please show us the kind of good manners and respect you would ask from us. If you must leave the club, we are sad to see you go, but an angry departing message is not appropriate.







A+B Spring Art Contest

The birds are singing, the snow is melting… it’s finally time for spring! A season of love, beauty, and new beginnings… so let’s kick it off with a fun art contest! The theme for this contest is "April Showers Bring May Flowers"; so you may either do a piece with a rainy theme, or a floral theme...or BOTH!

Choose to draw a single character, couple, or group. (You may also submit more than one entry if you wish, up to 4.)

All entries will be accepted between Tuesday, April 1 and Tuesday April 29, so there’s plenty of time to work on your art! Entries can be submitted through Deviantart (see…, posted and tagged on tumblr with #aplusbcontest, or by email to Winners will be announced in May and all entries will be displayed in a contest gallery until judging—then winners will have their work displayed on the website.

If anyone needs references for the characters or help with ideas, a Pinterest gallery is set up at:…

Now, onto the part everyone likes: the prizes!

First Place:
$50 amazon gift card, a signed copy of A+B, your art displayed on the website, and a merchandise item displaying their art in the store!

Second Place:
$25 amazon gift card, a signed copy of A+B, your art displayed on the website, and an A+B t-shirt designed by Power-J.

Third Place:
$10 amazon gift card, your art displayed on the website, and a signed copy of A+B.

Honorable Mentions:
Honorable mentions will have their art displayed on the website and will receive a coupon code to use in the store towards a copy of A+B or merchandise.

Good luck, and good drawing everyone!
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders



These are the good people who work behind the curtains.

It is okay to say hi!








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Art trade - your OCs for my OCs? Anyone? :aww:
MissPinks Nov 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
is this group dead? :s
WhiteWinterWolf Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not that I am aware of, though we have been having a hard time keeping dedicated admins who are able to carry the work load that comes with the title.
TridentFreak Nov 29, 2013  Student General Artist
No, it isn't. :) Just we, admins, are a little busy these days, but soon we will keep up with the huge amount ob submissions we have. c:
Keria-Chosokabe Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay I was looking for the app to join the group before I hit the join this group button. I tried to go through the journals but it wouldn't let me. What is suppose to be there if I want to join the group. Like what all do I need?

ChiyuHantu Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You need to read the rules in order to join. Because there is a phrase needed in order to join this group. It can be found in the rules.
Keria-Chosokabe Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was looking for them. I couldn't get to the journals to find them. You'll have to give me a few days to see what's up and I can get to the journal.
ChiyuHantu Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? Well, if you are accessing DA from a smartphone, you might as well be able to read the rules located on the front page, too. :)
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I'm not sure if my art is good enough to join this group
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